Tim Paine Is Focused To Play Good Cricket | 1st Test Ashes 2019

Australia’s Test Captain Tim Paine is not worried that he will play England in Edgbaston. There, the hosts have an excellent record.

“Of course you want a good start to the ashes,” Paine said before the first test in Birmingham on Thursday, August 1. “It’s really important that you get some momentum early in a big series like this one.

“We did not talk about whether Edgbaston is a fortress because it’s irrelevant,” he said. “It’s about making clear what we want to do as an individual and as a team, and if we’re really clear, good and good, it does not matter if we play in Edgbaston or on the moon, we think best Cricket is good enough. “

The Ashes competition has always found great support for the home team, and Paine said his team would strive to promote the loud and engaging atmosphere.

“We just want to hug it,” he explained. “It’s part of international cricket here in England and that’s something, if you accept it, you can have great memories.

“We talked about using it as an energy and using it in a positive way, we know what’s coming, it’s an integral part, we have to be strong enough to deal with it, we have each other’s support, it’s tight . ” Group that is no different than elsewhere, and here it may be more important than anywhere else. “

Australia has selected six pace bowling options in its 17-member Ashes test squad to control the workload of its three flagship Pacers, Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins and Josh Hazlewood. Which of these pacemakers will eventually be included in the XI depends on the conditions, Paine said.

“As JL (Justin Langer) said, we will choose the team that we believe will win every test match, given the conditions we get there,” he said. “And the bowlers are over it.

“[It’s] a great thing for our team to have a really strong mix of fast bowlers who can all play under different conditions, but as we said to the fast bowlers, it’s also a great thing for them because we It can now extend your career by a few years.

“For the past two or three years, we’ve been relying too much on Cummins, Starc and Hazlewood, and they’ve done a lot of testing and then suffered many minor injuries, which is good news for all of them.

“Another is Peter Siddle,” he added. “He can get another 12 months of test cricket if we select the guys for the conditions, so we sold it to them, it’s a great thing for the team, but it’s also a great thing for them as an individual.”

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