Tokyo 2020 Postponed To 2021

The Upcoming Tokyo 2020 Postponed to 2021 due to Worldwide pandemic COVID-19.

Tokyo 2020 Postponed Reasons and time frame for 2021

The Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo (Tokyo 2020) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) met today to review the executive project via conference call.

IOC Coordinating Commission chairman John Coates and Olympic Games Executive Director Christophe Dubi attended the meeting with Tokyo 2020 President MORI Yoshiro and CEO MUTO Toshiro. During the productive discussion, Tokyo 2020 and the IOC agreed on the following framework, which should regulate the preparations for the postponed games.


The process of running the Games in 2021 will be overseen by a joint steering committee led by IOC Coordinating Commission chairman John Coates and MORI Yoshiro, President of Tokyo 2020. The committee includes MUTO Toshiro, CEO of Tokyo 2020, and Christophe Dubi, Executive Director of the IOC Olympic Games.

The Joint Steering Committee meetings are held as needed to ensure permanent coordination and efficient decision-making.

Tokyo 2020 postponed
Tokyo 2020 postponed

To support this joint steering committee, Tokyo 2020 and the IOC will each have their own task forces: the “Here we go” task force on the IOC side and the “New Launch” task force.


The key elements of planning for 2021 should repeat the existing game delivery plan for 2020. Particular attention is paid to the event locations and the competition plan, which were originally agreed by all participants as the best plan for the 2020 edition.

On this basis, the Japanese side, including Tokyo 2020, will require any planned venue owner to organize the games according to this schedule on the new dates in 2021. The Japanese side will also try to understand these preparations.

On the basis of the Olympic Agenda 2020, the IOC, the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and all actors of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement in cooperation with the Japanese side, including the Organizing Committee Tokyo 2020, will all possibilities to optimize and streamline the scope and the service Check game levels and reduce the cost of the shift. The IOC and the Japanese side, including the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, will continue to jointly assess and discuss the impact of the shift.

A number of measures to address the potential impact of COVID-19 will be included in the game delivery plan for the games in 2021.


The details of planning for Tokyo 2020 in 2021 will be reviewed this month to create a new roadmap for the games by May 2020 and align resources and priorities accordingly.

After the meeting, IOC Coordinating Commission chairman John Coates said: “Since the shift from Tokyo 2020 to 2021 a few weeks ago, the strong spirit of cooperation between the IOC, the IPC, the Olympic Movement, Tokyo 2020 and the Japanese has been agreed Authorities have already enabled us to provide clarity and security to athletes, fans and stakeholders around the world. The principles outlined today will enable us to continue in this sense and answer the many remaining questions as efficiently as possible.

We believe that the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games can be a beacon of hope for the world in these difficult times and that the Olympic flame can be the light at the end of the tunnel in which the world is currently located. The Joint Steering Committee will do everything to ensure that this is the case. “

MORI Yoshiro, President of Tokyo 2020, said: “Shortly after the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 games on March 24, 2020, Tokyo 2020 set up a restart task force on March 26, and we have been working to create a structure since then that can overcome these unprecedented challenges.

We believe that today’s new step is an important achievement to advance what we have prepared in the past five to six years in the coming year. We will continue to work closely with everyone involved to ensure the success of the games. “

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