Turkish FA Honorary President Şenes Erzik makes a special donation to FIFA Museum

During a visit to the FIFA World Football Museum, the Honorary President of the Turkish Federation (TFF), Şenes Erzik, donated his personal collection of more than 200 objects, including coins, medals, mini trophies and jerseys, the home of football history in Zurich.

“Today is a very special day for me because I decided to donate my entire collection to the FIFA Museum in Zurich,” said Erzik, an honorary member of FIFA and UEFA. “The entire collection that I have collected in my life has finally arrived in its actual home, the FIFA Museum.”

Şenes Erzik

Erzik, whose football career spanned five decades, starting with his membership of the TFF board in 1977, explained the reasons for his decision to donate his collection to the museum.

“I have an emotional heart, but at the same time a rational mind. Football has given me so much and I am very happy to give something back, ”said the former TFF president.

“Suddenly it was a big collection and I said it should go somewhere where it will live forever,” he added. “I think this is the right place for my football legacy to find a home.”

The meeting with Erzik in the museum was Managing Director Marco Fazzone, who described it as “honor and privilege for us to be the archive of the Şenes Erzik private collection”.

“Over the past few months, I have come to know him as an inspiration to the global football community in terms of social responsibility, values, education and the positive aspects of our sport and as a true gentleman, a wise man full of passion and experience who is always respected and respectful Fazzone added.

“We are proud to be the managers of this collection and will ensure that it is protected and accessible.”

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