UAE Cricket Team Qualify For U19 Cricket World Cup 2020 In South Africa

The comprehensive victory of the 10-wicker games in the final game helped the United Arab Emirates to the top of the league, while Nepal had to settle for second place in the ICC Under 19 Cricket World Cup Asia Qualifier Division 1 despite beating Kuwait.

KUWAIT vs NEPAL, Kinrara Oval

Nepal first picked the field and tested the best batsmen of Kuwait. In-Form Meet Bhavsar was the first to pass in 2.5 over 10 rounds, thrown by Rashid Khan. With the main player, the remaining batsmen stepped on the plate. Noman Budroo held for 70 runs of 120, and finally Aasif Sheikh. Gokul Kumar also contributed 36 runs of 66 balls before being mesmerized by Surya Tamang. Kuwait made 157 runs in 49.4 overs.

Nepal’s innings began with Rit Gautam and Pawan Sarraf facing bowler Hamza Qureshi. After a slow start, they were in five overs 21/0, with the sixth being a girl. The action began on the tenth when Sarraf beat four consecutive fours and quickly raised the score to 48.

Noman Budroo slowed down, but Sarraf and Gautam remained in partnership until 19:25, when Hamraf Amanullah was arrested by Abdul Sadiq at 53 to break first-wicket at 93. Gautam also fell to Amanullah after half an hour. Century, but Nepal was on course.

Aasif Sheikh hit a fast 33 in 20 balls, with five fours and six, the final frontier scoring an eight-goal win in 28 overs. Gautam was declared player of the game for his 62 runs.

UAE vs OMAN, Bayuemas Oval

Oman chose bat, but lost the first wicket of Mohammed Sameer in the second ball of the innings, which was hurled for 0 by Akasha Tahir. J Biju was the top scorer with 37 of 72 balls and was the last wicket caught by Farazuddin before Tahir.

Aryan Lakra and R. Mukherjee each took three wickets, while Tahir and KP Meiyappan each finished twice.

Opening fixtures Lakra and Syed Haider had just 12.1 seconds to finish the game and win the game with 10 wins. Haider beat 56 of 28 balls, Lakra had 51 of 45 against his name.

Lakra has been named player of the game for his all-round performance. With the highest number of wickets in the tournament, he was also named player of the series.

MALAYSIA vs SINGAPORE, Selangor Turf Club

Following the bat election, Singapore lost to AK Chabria in fifth place with a score of 16. Opener SH Venugopal, however, anchored the innings even as wickets fell around him. Muhammad Amir and Haiqal Khair successfully narrowed the hit, with the 100 only in the 41st lead. During this time, K Sathish was captured by Vijay Unni in front of Mohammad Arief, Aman Desai by Iezzat Daniel and Afiq Syakir.

Venugopal was the fifth wicket to drop in 45th position with 125 points. After that, the remaining goals came quickly and Singapore came off with 141 points.

On the hunt for 142 Malaysia Wan Amirul and Aslam Khan against the bowlers PSRK Sudarshan and P Singhavi one. They also started slowly, reaching only 38 in the first 10 overs, but they remained together to 17.4 overs, adding 81 points to the first wicket before Singhavi removed Amirul for 28. Aslam also fell four high after being caught by AK Chabria in front of A Berry for a well-done 60.

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