Venezuela reach their first FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020

Venezuelans are excited to reach their first FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020 which will take place on 12th September of this year in Lithuania.

Enderson Suarez’s views about FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020

“I’m a little worried, but not even coronavirus can take away what we’ve accomplished,” a smiling Enderson Suarez rightly said. He and his teammates had to work hard to get Venezuela to their first FIFA Futsal World Cup, and nothing can stop this success.

And although the COVID-19 pandemic has raised a question mark about the date of the tournament to be played in Lithuania, Venezuela will be there when it takes place.

“We are very proud to have taken this last step,” said Suarez to FIFA from Finland, where he plays for FC Kemi. “We have come so close several times, but this time it was different and we are very happy about it.”

Venezuela secured its place in the world finals by finishing second in its group in South American qualifying in Argentina and reaching the semi-finals to secure one of the four places.

FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020
FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020

In the eyes of the physically impressive 27-year-old Pivot, who celebrated his birthday in Kemi on April 9, the experience of Venezuela’s foreign players was the difference this time.

“Five years ago, there were no Venezuelans playing overseas leagues,” he said. “Now we have players in Argentina, Italy, Finland, Colombia, Uruguay and elsewhere. This has strengthened our belief that it is possible even though those of us who play abroad only joined the group ten days before the tournament . “

Suarez spoke about this squad and described it as young but mature beyond his years. He pointed to himself and added that there are no superstars: “When qualifying came, I scored 31 goals here, but I didn’t think about how many I should score.” We all pulled our weight and you could see that on the court. “

Suarez scored in the major loss to Uruguay, although the game the Venezuelans really believed in was the loss to Argentina in the opening game.

“We went 2-1 against the reigning world champion and thought we would have scored right after the final whistle,” he said. “When they left, they looked like the team that had lost, not us.”

Their growing experience was evident in the two decisive victories of the campaign: “The 5-1 win over Uruguay was a bit misleading because the game really opened in the end and we were nervous and hard work against Chile. We have adapted to the occasion. “

FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020
FIFA Futsal World Cup 2020

Suarez’s ability to face the occasion has brought him to Finland. His journey began in his hometown Mene Grande, where he was at the forefront in 11v11 football. After trying his luck with several clubs in the lower ranks of Argentina, he played for a tour of Belarus for his country’s futsal team.

At that point, Suarez was known in the game as “Super Duty” after the well-known pick-up, a nickname that a commentator had given him. “I don’t like it that much, but I’ve got used to it,” he said.

He has proven himself as a shooter in Venezuela and Colombia, where he won a title in the Argos League and was twice the top scorer in the championship. In April 2019, he switched to the Paraguayan Cerro Porteno power plants, won another championship title and finished second in the Copa Libertadores.

“I wanted my next step to go to Europe. I took advantage of the opportunity to go to Finland,” he said. “I had to think a little bit about it because it’s very different. The culture and language are completely different, but I couldn’t be happier.”

After adapting to the colder climate – Suarez praises the local salmon soup – and the slower pace of life, he prevails in the club in a different way, apart from scoring, and takes over the musical entertainment in the changing room.

“I play a little Merengue and Bachata, but I don’t overdo it,” said Suarez, who has a new roommate and teammate in the form of his compatriot Henry Gutierrez. “The Finns keep to themselves. They respect everyone and you have to respect them too. “

There are also two Serbian players in the locker room, which has led to some interesting conversations lately. Serbia and Finland are facing a spot at the next Futsal World Cup in the UEFA play-off.

“It would also be the first time in Finland, which is probably why I want them to do it,” said Suarez. “May the best team qualify. We’ll be there anyway, no matter who’s going through. “

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