Ready To Play ISL But Want 80% Share Mails Prasoon Mukherjee to East Bengal Club

East Bengal’s road to ISL is still dark. It is still not known in which AIFF certified league or tournament will East Bengal play in, the club is currently looking for a investor who could help the team play in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) from this year onwards.

The club is currently contacting with Singapore businessman Prasoon Mukherjee about his company Universal Success Enterprise Limited (USEL) investing in the club.

According the latest update, Mr Prasoon Mukherjee is ready to invest in the club and help them play in the Hero Indian Super League (ISL) from this year. But according to reports, on Wednesday, Mr Prasoon Mukherjee mailed to East Bengal club that he would invest all the money that is needed but he wants 80 percent share of club while remaining shares will remain to East Bengal club.

After this mail the club officials are in a bit of tension now, they are unable to decide whether they should give the 80 percent share or not.

Points Mentioned In The Mail To East Bengal

The points which were mentioned in Mr Prasoon Mukherjee’s mail are 1) USEL will have 80% share of the club. 2) East Bengal will play ISL this season. 3) The club will play in all competitions with USEL name in front the club name. 4) The board of directors will be decided according to the shares.

East Bengal club though has sent their reply through mail that they are not ready to give more than 50% or 51% share of the club. They have also mentioned that if USEL decides that the chairman will be from their company then the MD should be one of the club officials.

These latest updates maybe aren’t satisfying to the East Bengal fans as they still don’t know where will East Bengal play. The have started all the club licensing process and will submit it before 31st of July.

I-League or Indian Super League (ISL) is still a big question that the East Bengal club officials will have to answer to their fans, will they decide to give Mr Prasoon Mukherjee’s company the 80 percent share or will they look for another option. These days are really important for the club.

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