We Will Get NOC For Pakistan Football Super League: Shahid Shinwari

Fata Olympic Association president Shahid Shinwari said he would certainly receive a NOC from the Pakistan Football Association (PFF) to run the Pakistan Super Football League (PSFL) without any problems.

Shahid Shinwari said this on Monday at the press conference at the Pakistan Sports Complex. Earlier, the PFF President Syed Ashfaq Hussian had made it clear that the Federation has nothing to do with the Pakistan Super Football League since Shahid Shinwari has not contacted with the Federation to seek NOC, so any player who participate in the league will become the music.

Shahid said, “I met with the PFF secretary and will meet with the president of the PFF in a day or two. We have cleared all fees for the Fata League and Tabdeeli Football Cup tournaments. We will write a letter to the PFF for NOC and be ready to sit with them to deal with all their concerns. “

He announced that he will lead a league in Karachi, Quetta and Peshawar in October this year, in which two international players will be allowed to represent each franchise. “Five teams will be active in the country’s first international league.

The franchise will be Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Peshawar and a combined team of Fata, Islamabad, Gilgit-Baltistan and AJK. It’s a mega event, and I want every Pakistani to support me for this noble cause. “

He said they have platinum, gold and silver for the league. “We will visit every part of the country to find emerging players from far away areas.

We take PFF on board and tell all our players and write them to show us NOC. Without government support, this event can not take place, so we will also bring the government into trust.

“The first reconnaissance match will take place on 28 March at the PSB in Jinnah Stadium. For the show, where the chairman of the Senate is the main guest and the IPC members will be present, we will invite all the veterans and legends of Pakistani football, while the Fata and Wah teams will be involved in the show, “he added ,

Shahid told Ramazan they would do more show games. “We will take franchise business to all corners of the country and try to take everything for the future of the country’s youth. I will do this with my personal efforts and make sure that the Pakistan Super Football League continues. “

When asked about the merger with KP, he is still the president of the Fata Olympic Association, Shahid replied, “Yes, we have our own identity, like the fata cricket region. We have teamed up with KP for the youth of our area.

I met with PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani and informed him about the importance of keeping Fata as an independent region. We have worked a lot and want to build sports fields, because the tribal belt is blessed with talents of all kinds. “

He said, “In 2017, I led the Fata Super League, which featured players from Malaysia, Afghanistan and three other countries. Our national heroes like Kaleem Ullah and others also played this league, which took place in Peshawar. We had fixed Rs 100,000 as entry fee, for which 10 clubs had registered.

READ MORE: The European Parliament is against the plan to scrap changing clocks. We only received Rs 600,000 as an entry fee, while six clubs were unable to pay the amount. There were about 5 million rupees for this league, we gave the winners 500,000 rupees, the runners 350,000 rupees and gave the best players and others also attractive prizes.

We did not owe a cent. I managed to collect the remaining amount from my own sources, “he said, adding that this year he wants to hold the first football league, as well as the Pakistan Super League.

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