World Cup 2019 Final: The Most Dramatic Game Of Cricket

Do you know World Cup 2019 Final was the most dramatic game of cricket?

England captain Eoin Mrogan with the white ball considered the iconic 2019 ICC men’s cricket World Cup final and called it “the most dramatic cricket game”.

World Cup 2019 Final Winning Moments

“It feels amazing, I think the trip we went on is probably the most exciting,” Morgan was quoted in an exclusive interview for Kolkata Knight Riders.

England had an unforgettable World Cricket Championship for men in 2015, which ended when they left the tournament in the group stage before making an unforgettable comeback in 2019. Morgan looked back on his team’s changes over the past four years and became world champion.

“In 2015, it was the embarrassing nature of getting us out of this World Cup and the journey we took to change the cricket brand that we played with a new group of extremely talented players over the course of 4 years brilliant, “said Morgan.

“I can only share some of my knowledge and experience with some very experienced players and a group of great support people who keep asking what we do well to be accountable,” he added. “It culminated in last year’s World Cup. The final was the most dramatic cricket game and the best cricket game that was probably ever played, which adds to the hype.”

Morgan also thought about the 2019 ashes that Australia kept after the 2-2 draw.

“Immediately after winning the World Cup, the Ashes series was absolutely amazing to watch. Australia really deserved to win it, but again, the dramatic nature of the whole series has drawn the whole country and one of our biggest galvanized rivalries in sports. It was fascinating to see and I thought it was a great year for us in cricket. “

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